The Centre Wellington Food Bank is dedicated to easing hunger in this community by providing food and other resources in a compassionate and supportive environment.



Become a Christmas Angel and Earn your Wings

Do you ever wonder, and all of us do especially at this time of the year, what it would be like to be an “angel” . . . bringing joy and happiness to all, especially children, inspiring them to dream a dream that magic can and does happen at Christmas and dreams can come true. Can you become part of that dream by becoming an angel donor and giving a child that relies on the food bank, that magical moment that lets them believe that angels do exist?

Our annual Christmas Angel program is the only Centre Wellington Food Bank event that focuses entirely on children, hopefully making Christmas morning a happy and jubilant moment for them and their families.  Last Christmas over 200 children took part in this program. Are you willing to earn your wings by becoming an Angel donor and bringing that Christmas morning moment of excitement once again?

To learn more about the program and becoming an angel donor and earning your wings, please contact Marilyn Vaux, our angel coordinator, at angelscwfoodbank@gmial.com before Dec 5th so you can “spread your wings and fly!”