In response to the current concerns with COVID-19, the Centre Wellington Food Bank has made some changes to our shopping model to minimize time spent at the Food Bank. The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors is of the utmost importance and we are following the lead of our local and Canadian Public Health agencies during this important time. We take the health and welfare of our clients very seriously. The individuals and their families that comprise our membership are a very diverse and unique group that are very vulnerable to hunger, need and suffering. Our responsibility is, and has always been, their wellness and well-being, providing them not only with food but with dignity, hope and justice.

Our volunteers, who are at the front lines of our service, are invaluable and are being encouraged to take care of themselves. We have implemented strict best practices as set by our federal, provincial and municipal governments relating to the health and safety of our space, our clients, our friends and our neighbours.

Our goal during this difficult time period is to continue to focus on the justice and dignity we built into our shopping model. Whereas normally individuals would shop at their leisure at the Food Bank, choosing food items they and their family would like, we will now ask them to call in their order instead. A volunteer will advise them what items we have available on our shelves and then their order will be packaged for pick-up. They can then come to the Food Bank to pick up their order or we can deliver it to them if needed.

Our hours will remain the same at this time and as we always, we monitor all phone messages and emails from both the Food Bank  and from home so any food emergencies will be dealt with swiftly.

Thanks to all those who have continuously supported us over the years and to those who have stepped up and made generous donations to help us get through this crisis. Please remember, we never take your trust in us for granted. As always, we will continue to provide essential services to those in need.


Fred and Jackie